Thursday, July 14, 2011

Not so Child-Proofed

This is exactly how I felt today!!! Kalen feels that if something is Child-proofed he must break in!  A few weeks ago he ripped.. yes ripped one of the doors off our entertainment center to get to his DVDs.  There was a cabinet lock on it. But, it stood no chance against my little muscle man.  He also insists that he must be in the office/craft room.  I figure it is because this is the one room in the house he is not allowed.  So he just pulls down the gate or scales the gate to climb in.  The child has free reign of pretty much the whole house, clearly he just wants this last room open.  In the post the other day, here , I said how he almost can open our bi-fold pantry door.  Well scratch the almost, he can and he must take whatever he can get his hands on out of the pantry.  Needless to say I had a glass of wine with dinner tonight.

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