Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Family Planking

This not so new game called Planking has swept across the nation and our family got in on the fun.  It was originally titled the laying down game.  In order to play you are suppose to take pictures of you laying on various objects with your hands at your side.  It is important once you take your picture to post it for your friends to see. Who is going to believe you otherwise?  The more Public the place the better, and bonus points for the most creative spots. Well here is our various family members getting in on the fun. I believe this is the order in which the planks occurred.  *Please be careful apparently some people have injured themselves partaking in the fun*
Michael getting us started by planking our couch- First Plank

Michael's dad, Mike, planking a stool- Bar Plank

Me Planking the rocker- Rocking Plank
Mike's mom, Jeanette, Planking the chair- Pajama Plank

Jason planking the bed- Lazy Plank

Danielle planking her laundry basket- Clean Plank

Michael planking the watermelon- Winning Plank

Lucas planking the basketball hoop- Baller Plank

Mike's Dad, Mike, planking his lawnmower- Grassy Plank aka Dwight Howard Plank

Blase planking the baby seat- Superhero plank

Grace planking a box- Traveling Plank

Kalen planking dads head- Brainy Plank

Michael Planking the trashcan- Dirty Plank

Mike's cousin, Matt, Planking his staircase- Balance beam Plank

Matt's wife Bridget Planking their porch- Backyard Plank

Mike's cousin, Ricky, planking an electrical box- Electric Plank


  1. You know I had been wondering about all this planking stuff going on!

  2. hahahah! this is hilarious! we've got friends that post all these to FB, but I love the family unity in this, it's fab!!