Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kalen's 2nd Birthday

My First Little Mister Kalen turned the Big 2 on Wednesday the 15th. I can hardly believe I have a two year old, that is just crazy talk in my mind. I recently was looking back at pictures it is so crazy to see how much he has changed in the past year. He has gained a few pounds and a few inches. He now weighs 28 pounds and 11 ounces and he is 36 inches tall. Which is quite deceiving because they laid him down so they can get him flat, but when I measured him he is about an inch shorter. Of course when he stands he wont completely straighten out for me. Which stinks because he needs to be 36 inches to ride the bigger boy rides at Universal but I can't get him to stand super tall. I'll just highlight some things and add a few pictures. If you follow our family then you pretty much know what is happening and see the pictures in every post. So I won't go to crazy.

He had his first and only real haircut right after his birthday. I have trimmed it a few times but I cannot bring myself to get it cut again. The Hubs and I love his long hair, even though it sits right in front of his eyes. But he manages to peer through it to see what he needs to.

He knows what he likes and what he doesn't. He has favorite movies, toys, foods, blankets, stuffed animals, and drinks. When given choices he actually picks which one he wants instead of just grabbing one to have one.

He understands pretty much everything we tell him and usually listens. I think the little guy is pretty smart. Sometimes he just decides to be stubborn and do what he wants. I have no idea where he gets his stubborn attitude from. If we ask him to bring us something he can find it and then bring it to us. He understands certain toys are Lucas' and makes sure to bring them to us or give them to Lucas.

He talks now. I think he should be talking a lot more than he does but he does pretty well. He gets out the important stuff and can usually tell us what he wants or is trying to do. He seems to be more interested in talking and is beginning to repeat more of what we say and really tries to repeat us when we ask him to. I know he is a boy and isn't to concerned with talking like girls. He is more concerned with the physical part

He started walking at 10 months and once he got the hang of that he rarely walks anymore. He has to run. He has began jumping, which he thinks is absolutely hilarious. He also likes to skip, climb, kick, throw, push, knock over his brother anything he can, pull. I am pretty sure his climbing skills can rival any professional climber. He recently concerned Mt. Fridge. He is crazy a dare devil. I am pretty sure he will try anything once maybe twice. He always climbs up to the biggest slide on the playground or climbs up whatever he can no matter how tall. Jumping off of things and onto something else is considered a hobby to him.

Kalen has a super sweet side to him. He really loves his brother even though he sometimes doesn't show it. But, every night he must give his brother a good night kiss, which makes Lucas smile every time. Sometimes he walks up to Lucas and just gives him a kiss for no reason. He will bring Lucas toys to play with and says "Here Ucas" as he hands them to him. He gives the hubs and I lots of hugs and Kisses and he now tries to say I Love You, which usually comes out " I uh Jeeeuuu".

The little boy who use to need his mommy to show him how things work is no longer here. Kalen tries to figure everything out on his own. Sometimes we have to show his how something works but that does not happen that often.

All his crazy antics and just his everyday mannerisms crack me up each and everyday. He can usually make everyone laugh even if he isn't trying to although I'm pretty sure he knows what he is doing and is just hamming it up for everyone.

I can't wait to see what the next year brings us

At a Jaguar Game

Halloween 2011- Capt'n Jack Sparrow

Fall 2011 Pickin Patch

Helping getting Lucas' room ready

Mother's Day 2011

at the Zoo feeding the Giraffee's

Feeding Woody

Being a cuddle bug with Daddy


Showing off his expert mess making skills

Being a good big Bro

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