Monday, February 6, 2012

Child of God

Lucas officially became a child of God on Saturday February 4, 2012.  The Pastor that married my hubby and I was going to be in my hometown of Jacksonville, Fl for a week.  So we made the plans to get Lucas Baptized while he was there.  Thursday night we loaded up the car and headed to Jacksonville for a few days.
It has taken us a while to get Lucas baptized for a few reasons.  We have not found a church to attend where we live now.  We have visited a few however, most a very small and do not have anywhere for a family with two small kids to go.  It is hard to for the little misters to understand they can't make noise and need to sit still for a good hour.  I know that going in and most of the churches here do not have a cry room for me to sit in or a nursery for the kids to go and play while the Hubs and I attend a Sunday service.  We also wanted a relationship with the person that was going to Baptize Lucas. So the time finally came on Saturday for Lucas to have a second birthday. 
Lucas has two amazing God Parents, My Sorority Big Sister, Ashley and my step-brother Nole.  He is one Lucky dude to have such awesome God Parents to love on him and to share God's will with him.  Pastor Imhoff was able to Baptize Lucas in my moms home since his home church is in Miami Springs.  We kept the day intimate and only invited family, he was surrounded by Love on his big day.  We thank the Family and friends that took time out of their days to make the trip to our house.  That meant a lot to us and as the years go by Lucas will have the pictures of his special day to remind him of those who showered him with Love that day and supported him as he entered God's Family.   
Afterwards we headed to Ted's Montana Grill and an impromptu stop to get some Frozen Yogurt to celebrate Lucas.

Godparents, Ashley and Nole getting Lucas Dressed

Mom, I really need to wear this outfit?
Daddy and Bobo, putting a special pin on Lucas

Hanging out with Grandpa
Taking some steps with Grandpa
Big Bro Kalen holding Lucas candle
Finally getting Baptised

The Light of the world

Getting clothed
God Parent, Nole: Dad, Michael: Mom, Jessica: Pastor Imhoff: God Parent, Ashley
Playing cars with Grandpa
Nom Nom, bring out the BISON!!!
Kalen chowing on some Lemons
Lucas finally getting some Bison, he was covered

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  1. Awww, so sweet! So glad you had family and friends around to celebrate this with :)
    following you from the hautemom blog hop, hope you can stop back by!