Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lucas at 9 Months

Lucas Michael turned 9 months old on Feb 24th.  He thinks he is a big boy just like his older brother.  He believes he can do whatever Kalen does and gets frustrated sometimes when he can't quite do it like his brother.  He absolutely loves his big bro and wants to be around him 24/7.  Kalen usually lets him and they play in Kalen's room a lot while I am cooking dinner.  Hopefully they keep up being BFFs.
 Lucas loves drinking out of a big boy sippy cup and even gets a hold of Kalen's Milk cup every now and then.  Clearly he will love when he gets switched over to Whole Milk.  His diet is now completely table food.  He eats whatever we eat and he prefers it that way.  I have tried to feed him pureed food and he wants no part of it.  He is Mister Independent in that he wants to feed himself and needs no ones help.  I swear he eats more than I do some nights,  he actually on a few occasions devoured a whole chicken breast.  I have no idea where this kid stores his food.  Kalen use to eat like this too,  A "See food" diet, he sees it and he eats it.  He still gets the baby puffs since they are a lot better for him than other snacks in the grocery, but he still gets a hold of the yummy snacks since his brother eats them.  His top teeth have finally broken through and we should be able to see those pearly whites shortly!!
The little guy is so vocal, he is always making some kind of noise.  His favorite phrase, which he uses all day long is "da da".  Makes a MaMa a little jealous.  If Lucas is not napping when Dada comes home his whole face lights up when he sees him and crawls right to him to be picked up. 

There is no shortage of laughter in our house.  It seems someone is always laughing.  Lucas recently began finding our Dog, Reggie beyond hilarious.  If Reggie sneezes Lucas is in an uncontrollable laughter.  He will just watch Reggie and laugh all day long.  He smiles at everything, if he catches you looking at him he beams a smile back and will smile at complete strangers.  He is going to be such a little people person.  Although sometimes he acts shy and tries to hide his face if you are talking to him.  He just smiles and buries his head into whoever is holding him. 
He has now become an expert cruiser around a table, chair, or whatever he can grab a hold of.  He is so close to standing on his own without grabbing something to help him.  He can push off the smallest of objects to help him stand.  He desperately tries to push off his own legs to stand on his own. You can see him trying in two pictures below. 

Although this happened today the 26th, I feel it won't be as exciting if I wait till next months post to talk about it.  But the Little Man took his first two steps this morning.  I am a bad mommy and was no prepared at all, so there is no visual evidence.  He has been holding on to the table, letting go and standing for a little bit, and then he tries to move forward but only his upper half goes, so he falls forward.  But this morning I was sitting on the floor and he used my arm to help him stand and he let go and took his two steps and them plopped down. 

Who knew grass was so Funny

My Smilebot

Lucas and Da Da

Working on his Downward Dog
Lucas eating his first Lemon, his first face was the best he did this one eyed pirate squint (which was not caught on tape)-  He is the complete opposite of his brother in this aspect.  Kalen shoves Lemons in his mouth and does not even flinch and has always done so.  Crazy Boys


  1. He is SO adorable Jess! I wish we lived closer so we could do play dates, I bet our boys would be BFF's!!!

  2. Jenn- Thank You!! I know, I bet our Boys would be BFFs!!