Thursday, February 2, 2012

100% Boy

Kalen is 100% Boy and maybe a little more. He loves Cars, Dirt, getting dirty, pushing things, chasing things, making huge messes, getting into stuff he isn't suppose to, jumping, throwing, screaming and I could go on forever.  His legs are usually bruised and are all scrapped up from playing outside.  He believes his father is his own personal Jungle Gym.  Any stuffed animal or Dad is an instant wrestling buddy.  The kid just loves to play!!
He is also 100% crazy, not the crazy that gets you put in a straight jacket, although he probably could use one of those. But, the crazy that will do and try anything.  Maybe I am use to it but, I am never truely shocked at what this kids comes up with next. Kalen climbs up anything whether it is meant to be climbed on or not. If there is something he wants he will grab anything he can to stand on to try and reach it.  He once crawled across the back of the couch and then fell behind it getting stuck between the wall and couch.  We had a good laugh and then got him out.  He was there one second and then he disappeared.
Trying to escape when he was around 10 Months
Climbing up the bar stool
He has a slide, which I have mentioned in a blog post before that he goes down anyway he can imagine, which is the reason it is still inside so he can land head first on to the carpet rather than concrete.  Recently he decided the best place to watch his movies is from the top of his cozy coupe.  Seriously?!?

He does not seem to be afraid of anything. He climbs to the highest spots at the park, goes down the tallest slides, and jumps off anything.  I usually am afraid for him.  I'll hold my breath as he peers over the wall or hangs off of something.  But, nothing seems to faze him.  Even if he does fall he usually bounces right back up as if he is made of rubber.  If he gets a Boo Boo it can usually be healed instantly with mommies kiss and he is back to wild man ways. 
Kalen does not seem to know a walking speed, he MUST run everywhere!!! Which when he was just starting out walking often ended in face plants.  I cannot count the times he face planted into the concrete and got right back up to continue running.  He still face plants into the ground now. His head wants to be somewhere immediately while he feet are still trying to catch up.  Even in the house when running from room to room I can hear him smack right into a wall and never hear a cry out of him. 
The boy in him loves pushing things around, knocking things over, and generally reeking havoc on whatever room he is in.  If he can pick it up it goes flying across the room.  He loves to throw anything and everything, maybe he is training to become a pitcher or a QB!!
Rearranging the porch furniture.  He pushed this chair over and would put it back, he did this for a good half hour
I Love every crazy little bit of this man.  I do fear we will be best friends with the ER staff and I am shocked we have not been to the ER because a bone of some sort is poking out through his skin.  Yes he is crazy but, he makes me laugh everyday with his crazy stunts and antics.  There is never a dull moment in the house with this Crazy.  I just pray Lucas isn't as crazy and at least watches Kalen first and decides if what he is doing is safe before trying it out.  Wishful thinking I know!!  

I have lots and lots of pictures of Kalen's crazy antics, but this post would be a mile long.  Because just like every mommy out there I take a picture first, laugh quietly, and then tell him No! If both mommy and daddy are home one of us is usually turned around laughing while the other tries to tell Kalen what he is doing isn't allowed. 

*Right now Kalen is climbing on to his cozy coupe to get to the back of the couch so he can do front flips onto the cushion*

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