Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lucas at 8 Months

My littlest mister turned 8 months old on Jan 24th.  We've been having so much fun lately.  He loves to play and will play with whatever is near him even if it isn't a toy.  My sorority Big Sister, Ashley, got Kalen a ball pit for Christmas and Lucas loves it.  He crawls in there all the time to play. His second favorite activity is chasing after his big bro and watching whatever he is doing.  Sometimes he gets a little too close and becomes a casualty of hurricane Kalen. Case and Point: he is currently sporting a semi- black eye. 

With his Semi-black eye but still a happy little mister
Lucas has become a little speed demon.  He crawls so fast.  He will be sitting next to me one second then on the other side of the house the next.  He is working on his arm muscles by pulling himself up onto anything he gets close too.  The little mister has only let go once and stood without holding onto anything for a few seconds before plopping onto his bottom.  Lucas has also started moving from holding onto the couch to holding onto the table and going back and forth between the two. I'm sure cruising will be in the near future, he has tried a few times but, he only takes a few steps at a time. 
Lucas Laughing is by far my favorite thing he does.  He has a deep laugh just like his brother and he sounds like he is going to pass out if you keep making him laugh.  He spends a majority of his day laughing.  Laughing at Reggie, Mommy, Daddy, his Brother, or our Pup Reggie.  Its also so easy to  make him laugh.
Lucas is becoming very vocal as well.  He loves yelling and talking to his toys.  Every morning he is having a full blown convo with his little night light turtle Gus.  Its just so adorable. He also started saying da da da da.  Both the boys just love their dad.  I mean he is a pretty great guy, so its understandable.
Sleep, whats that?  Lucas hates it. He has no sleep pattern whats so ever.  He was sleeping from around 8-5 for a week or two, which was AH-MAZING.  But he decided against that sleeping schedule and switched over to waking up whenever he feels like it.  Which makes for one sleepy mommy in the morning.  Which translates into lots of COFFEE!!! He seriously needs to get his sleeping pattern down for the sake of his mommy. 
Hopefully now that the little mister is eating a lot more food he will start sleeping a little better.  He is more a fan of chunks of food rather than the pureed stuff.  So I've been making him some veggies and fruits and just not puring them.  He just loves trying to feed himself.  He recently got a taste of Italian when he got to eat some eggplant parm, he seemed to really love it.  He is also pretty good at drinking out of a sippy cup.  He just gets water with a splash of apple juice in it and he loves it.

Eating Eggplant Parm
Drinking out of a sippy like a big boy

Next weekend Lucas is finally getting baptized.  The Pastor I grew up with and that married my hubs and me is going to be in Jacksonville, so we are going up there.  I am so happy that he is able to do this for Lucas. I am excited for Lucas to be surrounded by the people that love him on his special day. 

Moving from the table to the couch
Bath time with the Big Bro
Playing in the Ball pit
Trying to push the walker

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