Thursday, January 5, 2012

Operation no Binky!!

This is a new experience for me since Kalen wanted nothing to do with his Binky. So we never had to worry about weaning him off of it. We tried not to give it to Lucas as well. But, he thought otherwise.
Lucas would want to sit with the bottle in his mouth even if it was empty. He just liked having the binky. So we caved in and gave it to him. A few months ago we thought he was going to wean himself from it. He would pull the binky out and would turn it to chew on. So we gave him Sophie the Giraffe to solve the chewing of the binky and hoped he would forget about his beloved friend Binky. That seemed to be working until he would find them and shove them in his mouth. Backwards we went.
Monday morning we started operation no Binky!! We are currently in phase 1 and it has been going great. He only gets the binky when he is going to sleep, so nap time and bedtime. Phase 2 will be removing it from nap time and then Phase 3 will be bedtime.
I hope once he can fall asleep without the Bink he will sleep better at night. If he wakes up in the middle of the night he can't seem to fall back asleep. Every once in a while he manages to do so. But I usually have to run in there and pop the Bink in his mouth and he usually goes back to sleep. Other times he needs a bottle.
Here's hoping for a smooth transition to a binky free life for Lucas!!

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