Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lucas' turns 7 months old!

Christmas Eve also marked Lucas turning 7 months old.  He sure has been a busy bee this month!! He has been crawling everywhere since before Thanksgiving.  He is pretty much an expert crawler and gets where he needs to go quickly.  This past month he also pulls himself up on everything he can.  He started off just pulling himself up on the table and holding on for dear life so he wouldn't fall.  Now he is pulling himself up and only holding on with one arm or he plays with whatever is on the table.  He has also been pulling himself up on the walker toys and trys to take a few steps with those.  He usually only get a step or two in before he sits back down. 
The little mister also has his two bottom teeth in!! I didn't think they were ever going to make their way through.  His teeth still seem to be bothering him so I'm sure he has his top teeth moving in.  If he is anything like his brother he will just start poping teeth out.  Kalen always got 2-4 teeth at a time and their wasn't much time between sets of teeth! He has been eating like a champ.  He loves his pears and green beans.  Sweet Potatoes were his favorite but he hasn't really wanted anything to do with them lately.  He is eating the little crunchies and seems to enjoy feeding himself although he doesn't get a whole lot in his mouth.  He is doing better with his sippy cup and tries to drink out of Kalen's all the time. 
Lucas really seems to enjoy playing with toys and they can keep him pretty entertained for awhile.  If his brother is around he wants to be doing whatever Kalen is doing. 

Lucas Loved looking at the lights on the tree

Nom Nom my finger is so yummy

Reading The Night Before Christmas

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