Monday, January 23, 2012


'UCK'- Kalen's favorite new word

I think it’s inevitable for a child at some point to say a curse word before the age of 5.  If you’re a fan of Modern Family then you probably saw the recent episode where Lily says the ‘F’ word.  Well in this household we can completely relate.  The hubs and I don’t curse that often, but sometimes words slip out.   Kids are little sponges and will at some point hear you or someone else let a word slip out.

Well Kalen picked up the ‘F’ word.  We aren’t exactly sure from whom or where he picked it up.  The first time I heard him say it, I thought to myself he didn’t just say that and went on with my day.  A few days later the hubs mentioned the fact that he heard him say the ‘F’ word.  He doesn’t say the entire word, he actually leaves off the F and he says uuuccck. He says it so softly and dejected.   We absolutely have no idea what to do.  We have tried not to react to it hoping he would just stop.  Well it has become more prevalent and we are now trying to say uh oh when he says it hoping he will replace his new favorite word.  The funny part in all this is that he actually uses the word correctly.  He says his favorite word when he drops something or if he is pushing a toy and smacks it into something.  So at least he is using it as most adults do, right?  I am not condoning him using the word at all and am thankful that he hasn’t started saying the word in full. I really just don’t know how to get him to quit saying it. 

I am welcome to all suggestions


  1. lol! Sorry i had to! Well we all know that Blase's favorite word is shit. He still uses it and uses it correctly! example: about 2 weeks ago this is what i hear "oh Shit i dropped my ball in the dogs water" after i was done giggling i had to tell him and remind him once again that, that is a bad word and its not nice so we don't use it. He often will tell people that he hears using it that its a bad word and we dont say shit! (I think he does that just so he can say it) Personally, if ignoring it has not helped i would just tell him no every time he says it. No kalen we do not say that. maybe?! lol the joys of motherhood!

  2. Oh no! haha. At least he is leaving off the F part of the word, but still he is trying to say a bad word. I think what you are doing by ignoring him whenever he says it and replacing it with uh oh is good. I knew a few moms out here who ran into that issue and they ignored it. But like Danielle said, I would also try telling him that it is not a good or nice word to say and maybe even asking him if he can start saying oh no or uh oh instead. Maybe if you give him some other options to replace that word, he will be more willing to give up the uck word? Just a thought