Thursday, January 12, 2012

Discovery and Excitement

I love to sit back and watch the boys do ordinary things that we as adults do all day with no thought. We just go through the motions and move on. But everything is new to kids and takes concentration.

Sitting at dinner tonight I put Lucas in the high chair and feed him his dinner and then put some crunchies on the table for him to munch on. He stares down the crunchy he wants and then proceeds to pick it up with his pointer finger and thumb. Then the crunchy makes the venture to his mouth. It use to be more of a process to grab a crunchy. It would get "lost" in his hand and he would have no clue where it went. Other times he would completely miss his mouth and the crunchy made the trek to no mans land, the high chair seat. I swear I could feed another child with the food that finds its way there everyday.

Its just so amazing to watch the kids learn how to do new things.

We have a new slide in our house that the boys got for Christmas and Kalen is enjoying it. He takes such pride when he gets to the top and then slides down. He even comes up with new ways to go up and down the slide. It's so funny to watch him, I'm pretty sure he thinks he is the only child to think of these new ways to go down a slide. There isn't a toy that hasn't been down the slide either and with each new toy that goes down he yells "weeee" because the toys are just as excited as him to be sliding.

Holidays bring new meaning with kids. Everything is just so spectacular to them. Getting dressed up on Halloween to get candy. Thanksgiving doesn't seem to have that much excitement yet. Everything about Christmas is so amazing. The lights on the Christmas tree, when we first turned it on a big "WOW" came out of his mouth. Santa became exciting to him, Kalen didn't understand that he brought presents, but he def thought it was cool seeing him in movies and in public. My favorite holiday is the Fourth of July, I just love fireworks and celebrating our freedom. But instead of watching the fireworks I watched Kalen. His eyes got so big and so many "ohhhs & ahhs." Every time we see fireworks I glance back and forth from Kalen to the sky.

Lucas recently discovered Mickey Mouse and let's out a huge squeal when he comes marching across the tv. I can still remember when Kalen use to do that. Lucas is also beginning to discover toys and he thinks they are pretty cool. He watches his big bro play with his toys and tries to imitate him. Kalen is obsessed with Cars, the movie and anything with 4 wheels. He can entertain himself all day long and even takes various ones to sleep. I don't see how that is comfy but, it makes him happy. I wish I could be entertained by pushing cars around all day, life would be so much easier.

Movement is a huge source of excitement as any parent knows. It starts off with rolling and moves all the way to walking. Lucas is pulling himself to standing while holding on to stuff. He pulls himself up while holding on to whatever is in front of him. He has started to slowly cruise around. He usually gets about a step or two in before he sits down or just stands there. When he stands up while holding your hands he becomes a little jumper and is so excited and just giggles away. He will also take some steps and you can see he wants to just let go and chase after his bro but his legs just aren't ready for that. We have gotten one stand where he let go of the couch and stood all by himself for a few secs. When Lucas spots a toy across the room he smiles and lets out a little giggle and off he crawls, he is beyond proud of himself when he gets to it.

Kalen went straight from learning to walk to running. He does not walk anywhere. He wants to get places as fast he can. He has also loves to jump up and land on his behind and thinks it's so funny. He also loves to dance. Music comes on and he begins to dance around. We have an alligator that plays music and he does his version of a rain dance around it. It's pretty funny to watch.

I just love that kids wear all their emotions on their sleeves. If they are unhappy you know it and when they are happy and excited you know it too. When the kids try new favors of food, it's the best when something isn't the best tasting and they make the face of pure disgust. We recently gave Lucas sour apples and his little pucker was the cutest.

This post kind of took a life of its own as I was writing and could easily write for days about all the things these kids do. They def keep me on my toes!

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