Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kalen's Despicable Birthday Party

To begin Kalen's Birthday The Hubs and I blew up balloons and decorated his door the night before so when he woke up he would be excited about what was in the hallway.  I originally wanted to fill his room with balloons but did not buy enough so we just filled the hallway in front of his room up.  It would have looked a little strange if I tried to put the balloons in his room.  He loved the decorations and played all morning with the balloons.  He actually moved them into his room and they are still there. 

We met a friend and her son at this yummy breakfast/lunch restaurant called Red's and had a yummy breakfast and then enjoyed the rest of the morning at the park.  When Daddy finally got home Kalen got his birthday present from us which was a Power Wheels Mater.  He absolutely Loves it!! To finish off his Birthday we headed to Outback for a nice family dinner.

He opened the door to find Mater

Checking Mater out

And he is off

Enjoying his Birthday Dinner
Saturday the 18th we had his party and Lots of family and friends came to celebrate!! He had a Despicable Me theme for his party which was a lot of fun.  Minus the fact that there is absolutely nothing out right now for it since the movie came out about a year and a half ago.  If you have never seen it I highly recommend it.  It has a very cute story line and I personally think it hilarious. If you haven't seen it some of the ideas may not make sense to you.  So I did a lot of searching the internet, eBay, and Pinterest (shocking there was nothing on pinterest to help me).  I found an awesome Blog that I borrowed some of her ideas and came up with some of my own to make his party come to life.
My recreation of Minion cupcakes with the help of my SIL.  They turned out perfect!! haha

Kids drinks

Food in a dog bowl (That is how Gru thinks you feed children)

Coconutties- The Cookies the Girls sell

Cotton Candy from Super Silly Funland

Kalen was obsessed with this balloon

Box of Shame- Kalen's forehead and arm.  The box was pretty much destroyed by the end of the party

Opening Gifts

The Cake- I had to purchase the pieces off of eBay and then show a picture of what the cake should look like to Publix and they did it for me!! I just had to place the pieces

Blowing Out his Candle

Minion Bowling

The Moon- The villains are trying to Steal it in the movie

Kalen's Bday Banner I made
The Hubs also made a spaceship from the movie.  When the girls and Gru go to Super Silly Funland they play one of the games to win a Unicorn and they have to shoot a moving Space Ship to win.  So we had a Nerf gun and you could try to knock over the space ship.  I am upset I did not get a picture of it and it also got destroyed from all the fun. For dinner we had Stuffed Crust Pizza!!! Super cute part of the movie!! I had a lot more decorations but didn't get pictures.. Oh Well

I also made Kalen a Balloon wreath to hang on the front door and I was going to make it in his party colors but decided to just do a blue so I can just hang it up on the front door every year during his birthday week.

 I did this when he turned one and will continue to do it every year until he is completely embarrassed and won't let me.  But I saw the idea in a Martha Magazine (you know the things we use to get ideas from before Pinterest).  I have since seen this idea all over Pinterest.  But I just print out pictures from the year and put them together to where they create a number.  So this year I made the number 2.  I made two different ones and hung them up.

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  1. It looks like he had a great 2nd birthday!! How cute for the theme and you did a great job decorating for it and thinking of ideas. I am surprised that you couldn't really find much of it on pinterest! Haha usually that has a lot of good ideas. But it seems like you were able to think of some on your own which made the party cute. I cannot believe he is already 2, time is going by quick!