Monday, March 14, 2011

First Haircut!!

On Saturday March 12, 2011 we took Kalen to Disney for the day to get his first haircut at the Harmony Barber shop inside the Magic Kingdom.  It was such a wonderful experience and he did amazing, no crying at all.  We were a little early for our appointment time, so we played outside the barber shop on Main Street for a little while.  When it was time we placed Kalen in the chair and our Barber Rex began loading him up with Mickey stickers to keep him entertained.  Then he snipped that first cut of baby hair!! I am shocked I did not cry, although I did cry when I was flipping through the pictures a little later.  Kalen sat there like a champ through the cutting. He was more concerned about getting the stickers than what Rex was doing to him.  At the end he was awarded his First Mickey ears, which say First Haircut on the back, and a certificate of Bravery for getting his first Haircut.  I was awarded a pile of his precious baby hair!!

This was such a great experience for his first Haircut, it was not expensive at all (shocking since it is a Disney thing).  You do have to pay to get into the park though, we are lucky enough that Mike's dad works for Disney and are able to go on a pretty regular basis.  The Mickey ears are included with the HC.  I would recommend calling to make an appointment so you do not have to wait in the walk-in line. 
His long luscious locks
Getting his stickers
The first Cut!
Rex his Barber

His Mickey Ears

First Haircut
His Big Boy Haircut
A Lock of his baby hair :(
His certificate

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