Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Grandpa Buddy

My dad, Grandpa Buddy, came up for the day last week to hang out with the Little Mister.  He got here while Kalen was napping but after he woke up Kalen had a playmate for the rest of the day.  They started playing outside with his Pirate Ship and of course ended up soaked as did I.  I was being shot by the water cannon, not by Kalen but my dad. 
Then we headed off to lunch at the nice outdoor restaurant on the water here called Blue Gator.  I was there the day before with my friend Ashley.  Well today Kalen discovered Ranch dressing, Ketchup, and Mustard.  The day before I dipped one of Kalen's fries in the Ranch and he just ate it.  Well today he kept motioning to my ranch so I let him dip his french fry in.  He would suck off the ranch and then want to dip again.  So I decided to pour some Ketchup on his own plate, where he decided his french fry was just a tool to get the ketchup in his mouth.  Once we added the Mustard to the plate he was no longer using his french fry he was now scooping the ketchup and mustard straight into his mouth.  Needless to say it was a good thing this restaurant was outdoors because he was a mess!! He had ketchup and mustard in his hair, neck, eyelids, clothes, pretty much everywhere.
After lunch we headed back home to wait on the hubby to get home so we could go out to dinner later- it seems all we do is eat when people come to visit! After dinner Grandpa Buddy gave Kalen some intense wagon rides! He was having so much fun in the Wagon!

Fist Pumping Good Time

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