Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Our Elf on The Shelf

Kalen and Lucas finally got to meet Our Elf.  He has been patiently waiting for about two years to come visit.  I wanted to wait till at least Kalen would understand him and actually look for him each day.  He showed up a few days before Thanksgiving, because he knew we wouldn't be home. Clever little Elf.  He showed up during nap time and brought with him marshmallows and a box of rice krispies so we could make Rice Krispy treats.  Kalen was way more interested in the marshmallows at the time. 
After we made Rice Krispies we sat down and read the book that came with the Elf.  He still didn't exactly understand that the Elf would leave at night to go see Santa.  I think he kinda understands now.  We also watched the movie, The Elf on the Shelf, an Elf's story.  He loved the movie.
Our next task was to get our Elf a name.  This took a few days.  I thought for sure his name would be, Frank.  He calls a lot of things Frank right now.  Surprisingly that wasn't his name.  The hubs and I would point to the Elf at random times and ask who it was.  Kalen started responding with Santa. We think he was slightly confused because we keep telling him that he goes and sees Santa.  So one day when The hubs came home from work Kalen told us it was , Chris King.  We have no idea where he got this from and we thought it was funny he gave him a last name.  We think he was maybe trying to say Chris Kringle.  So we went with Chris although he still calls him Santa also. 
He loves Chris and freaks out when he finds him.  Lucas actually found him first one morning and was screaming at him. 
Since we can't touch him he has mostly come back to pretty high places.  I don't want to tempt the kids to play with him since he does look like a toy  (A slightly freaky looking toy).  The one day he was in arms length Kalen would run up to Lucas and tell him "No touch, Wiscus!"

Here are some pictures of where Chris/Santa has been so far
Waiting for the Boys to get up!!

Kalen found him, trying to get all the marshmallows without touching the Elf

Hanging upside down on the garland. This was the day Lucas spotted him

Chris hanging with the Snowman
Chris hanging out with some wedding pictures

Pretending to be an ornament

Sitting on top of the entertainment center

Monday morning he dyed our Milk green!!! Crazy little Elf.  I told him to keep his shenanigans to a minimum since he has to keep this gig for a while, he doesn't want to run out of them. 
Silly Chris.. dying our Milk Green!!!

When Kalen asked for Milk Monday morning I opened the fridge and he saw Chris attached to the Milk.  He first told me he was stuck.  Chris only used two tiny drops of Milk so our Milk isn't super green and you can't really notice till you get it out of the fridge.  Kalen was laughing and dancing.  He was so shocked Chris dyed our milk green.  When I went to pour the milk in the boys cups, he told me "Careful, No touch." Such a cutie.  He was also telling Lucas that the Elf was silly and so funny!! He has been back multiple times to the fridge to check on Chris. 

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