Sunday, January 27, 2013

Its been awhile..

Well its sure seems to have been quite awhile since I last wrote on here.  I don't have too much time by myself with two boys running around and always wanting something or just wanting attention.  When I have had a few minutes I've been filling my crochet hat orders.  I have an influx over the holidays and it has begone to slow down now.
If you haven't ever visited the Etsy page for the shop please do.  You can click the mini etsy shop badge on the left side of the blog or visit this link

Right now we are getting ready to celebrate Kalen's THIRD birthday! I really cannot believe he will be three next month.  We are keeping his party small by inviting family and a few friends.  Even with that it should still be a decent size.  With that said I better get back to preparing for his birthday party. 

I promise I will be back soon with another post!!

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