Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Week

We sure had a busy couple of days!! We had a lot of fun though.  Our original plans for Thanksgiving were going to be just staying at our house and having a small dinner.  However the Hubs found out he also got off Wednesday so we decided to go to Orlando and spend the holiday with his family. 
We left after he got off work Tuesday and had plans to get up early Wednesday get breakfast with my "biggie" (sorority big sister) and then head to Islands of Adventure. 
Wednesday morning we had breakfast at the slowest Denny's on the planet, seriously I could not even imagine if they had more than 4 full tables.  After we were all full we headed over to Islands of Adventure, this was a pretty exciting trip because Kalen was actually Tall enough to ride the bigger kid coasters.  As soon as we got in we headed towards the Harry Potter part of the theme park and Kalen & I got in line for the Hippogriff Roller Coaster.  Our wait wasn't to bad and he did great in line.  Of course he collected a few leaves while we waited, and they made it all the way through the ride as well.  He has a new fascination with leaves that started at The Gator Game.  We got to the front of the line and climbed in to a cart.  The only thing that stinks about these rides is the fact there is one bar.  So the bar stops as soon as it hits my legs, leaving Kalen free to fly right out.  So I just turned and placed my leg over his and pulled him close.  I really had no idea how he would feel about the roller coaster, being that he has no control of his body which was moving around.  I had a pretty tight grip on him the whole time so he didn't move much.  I yelled "weeeee" the whole time so he would understand that roller coasters are not "scary" they are "fun." I put those in quotes cause I know riding a roller coaster is not fun for everyone.  He yelled "weeee" the whole time too, but I'm still not quite sure how he feels about them.

Waiting in line
Heading to the top!!
 After the ride we headed over to the Butterbeer cart and got a few and camped out in front of Honey Dukes, which is the candy shop in HP world.  We always get butterbeers and I fill up a candy bag full of Lemon drops and other yummy treats.  So while we were slurping down our drinks Kalen was watching the Chocolate Frog open and close in the window and he thought the Froggie was hilarious so we got him one of his own. 

Nom Nom Nom

Daddy getting some Chocolate Frog!!

He was making him Ribbit

We rode a few rides in Dr. Suess land and then headed home.  The nice thing about passes is we can go for a few hours and leave!!

Riding the Caro-Seuss-el

Thursday of course was Thanksgiving and the boys were going full blast at 9am.  They never left the porch all day!! They had so much fun playing with their aunts, uncles, and cousins. I really have no idea how they made it.  They did get a tad cranky around 6, but nothing a bowl of icecream wouldn't fix! haha I only got a few pictures of them because they were pretty much blurs all day. Daddy also sent Kalen and his cousin Blase on a flight while they were in Cozy coupes.

Here is a video of what was happening!
Anytime the cars would touch the ground they both would start yelling "Fly!!!"

After dinner Mike's parents set up a few "Minute to Win It" Games and we got into couples and hashed it out.  We ended up tieing with Mike's Sister and her husband, but neither of us wanted to compete again so we ended in a tie.  The Games were so much fun and Kalen and his cousin Blase got in on a couple of games and I have a video of them shaking ping pong balls out of a tissue box!! They were too cute.
We ended up heading home after we did a little black Friday shopping so we could still have a little weekend!!

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  1. Sounds like a great time! Matt and I are excited to soon live closer to family to join in on all the family festivities