Saturday, November 17, 2012

Date Night with the Hubs

Well its been quite awhile since I last posted! Sorry.. we have been doing lots.  Blogging has been the last thing on my mind, both my boys are super active and always on the go no matter what is happening.  We went to  Mickeys Not So Scary in Sept, The Pumpkin patch in the beginning of Oct, went Trick or Treating on Halloween, and went to a Fall Farm Festival.  Hopefully in the next couple of days I can get some posts up with pictures of everything we've been doing.

This weekend my mom came down and watched both boys Friday night so the Hubs and I could go on a date night.  Woo hoo we don't get out alone often.  We went to see Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2 and loved it, they did a pretty decent job with the last movie and although its been awhile since I've watched all the movies this one might be my favorite of them all. We did have a man sitting behind us that was sleeping during the previews..well about a 2/3 of the way through he started giving side comments which were hilarious (we figured that maybe that's when he woke up).  We were laughing at everything he said.  I wanted to ask him for his number so whenever we go see movies we can bring him along. 
The second part of our date was to go out to dinner.  We could not figure out where to go at all. We must of sat in the parking lot for 10 mins trying to figure out where to eat.  We wanted to go some place that we wouldn't normally take the kids, to make it special. We ended up at Longhorn, The hubs had actually never eaten there and I hadn't eaten there since sometime in high school.  Well both our steaks were Ahhmazing.  We haven't had really good steaks when eating out in awhile, so it was super nice.    We both laughed in the middle of dinner cause we actually got to talk to each other. Usually one of us is trying to stop Lucas from throwing food on the floor, and Kalen from crawling under the table, stop him from taking off the top of his cup so he can get to the ice. 
 Our next stop was Target.  I mean really who goes to Target on a date night, we do!! Going to Target kid less is awesome.  I managed to browse through the clothing section and the shoes.  We actually walked out with nothing, which I am pretty sure is a first for us. 
We ended our date at a frozen yogurt shop, Mochi.  Which I love and could probably eat everyday.  We had a nice night together.  Its nice to go do things without the kids every once in awhile. 

Saturday we took Kalen to a Gator Football game.. which I will write about next!

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  1. Sounds like a great date night that was deserved. Matt and I are going to go see Breaking Dawn sometime next week as well, so hopefully we think the same! Although, I've been hearing it is good.