Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin Pickin with my Pumpkins!

On Saturday we decided to drive into town and go to the Pickin Patch to get some nice pumpkins. I already bought a cheap carving pumpkin from Wal-Mart because I was not exactly sure what to expect at the patch.
You pay two dollars for anyone over three to get in. This gets you unlimited hay rides around the farm, a sunflower field to run through, and a corn maze to get lost in. We first hopped on the hay ride to check out where the best pumpkins might be. Kalen really seemed to enjoy the ride, he was looking everywhere and pointing. Lucas was strapped into the Bjourn with daddy and enjoyed getting a great view of everything.
Next we headed to the corn maze. It was funny to watch Kalen go through. He wasn't sure at first and stayed behind me. I was able to get him to go out in front of me and he just pushed the leaves out of the way and kept on truckin' through. Towards the end I ran way out in front of him so I could get some pictures of him.

Hay Ride

Lucas with Daddy

Heading into the Corn Maze

He needed a little break

Off to pick out a Pumpkin
Time to actually go pick our pumpkin. We got our wagon and clippers and put Kalen in the wagon to head out and find a nice pumpkin. There were lots of pumpkins still out there and you had to lift the actual plant to find some of the good ones. We had never actually been to a patch that you could actually go cut the pumpkin right of the vine. Next year we want to go earlier because they grow so many cool pumpkins; green, speckled, white, yellow and some others. But everyone seemed to have picked all those unless we just didn't look hard enough. Kalen wasn't too sure of what we were doing and was more interested in pushing our wagon than picking out a pumpkin. So we got two one for Kalen and a smaller one for Lucas.
Before we left Kalen played on a hay fort where he became a little dare devil and was rolling down it and climbing all over it. I was also able to get a few pictures and pick some beautiful sunflowers. We tried to get a family picture but Kalen wasn't having it. This may have been due to him being soaking wet! He decided to hop, fall into the water mill, clearly ignoring the do not touch sign :)!
Found Kalen's Pumpkin

Helping Mommy push our wagon

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Got our Pumpkins

On the very top of the Hay Fort

Playing in the Hay

Time to plow the field

The best family pic

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  1. So awesome Jess! We went to an actual pumpkin patch this year but all the pumpkins were picked off the vines so I am right there with you in going much earlier next year :]