Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lucas 4 Months Old

Well we, actually just me, have been super busy. Hence Lucas' 4 month old post is coming now at 4 1/2 months. Football season has started so if the Gators are at home my Saturday's are pretty much shot. During the week I'm just to lazy and tired to actually sit down at the computer and blog on we get both little men to sleep.
Littlest Mister turned 4 months on Sept 24th. We had his check up and he is staying in the 50th percentile for height at 25 1/2 inches and he is lower on the weight he dropped out of the 50th percentile at 13 lbs 14 ozs. We aren't sure why he isn't gaining weight since he is pretty much eating a full bottle every 2-3 hours. But he is healthy so that's all that matters. He had another round of shots and that did not go over well. He was already mad at the nurse for striping him down so he got really pissed when she poked him.
He got the go ahead to start eating some solids. So I made him a batch of sweet potatoes and some butternut squash. At first he didn't really know what to think and was mostly just trying to get the hang of eating something other than milk. The second time around he seemed to have gotten most of the squash in his tummy.

Yummy Squash

The little mister loves his feet. As soon as he grabs them he pulls them straight into his mouth. He really loves when his jammies have animals on the feet. He gets some good chuckles looking at them. Speaking of chuckles he loves to laugh. He pretty much thinks his Big Bro is the funniest thing out there. He watches everything Kalen does. Which can be a good or bad thing. Hopefully he is only going to learn the good boy behaviors and not the dare devil tendencies Kalen has. Kalen also enjoys being able to entertain Lucas, he thinks it's pretty cool to get a laugh out of Lucas.

Giggling at his big bro

Lucas favors being on his tummy now. When he rolls from his back to his tummy he stays there to play and reaches for his toys. Rolling is also his mode of transportation now. He rolls all over the living room. As soon as we set him down he begins to roll toward a toy or just to roll to the other side of the living room.
I'm pretty sure the poor thing is teething. He chews on anything he can get his hands on. If he can't get a toy or teething ring he just shoves his fist in his mouth.

He seems to be weaning himself off the binky. He really only wants it when he is trying to fall asleep and sometimes even then he doesn't want it. If we put it in his mouth he usually just takes it out and turns it to chew on. Watchig him do this I realize he has pretty good hand eye coordination. (Here's hoping that neither boy gets my coordination, because I often trip over flat surfaces). He has a pretty good grip especially on things you dot want him to i.e. Mommies hair! He also loves moving his toys from one hand to the other, yay for coordination!
He is now taking his naps in his crib. He was taking them in his pack n play which we kept in the living room. He usually goes down around 1130 and then again at 5. I usually get about an hour where Kalen and Lucas' naps over lap, sometimes I get lucky and get more. He has been going to bed around 8-830 and was sleeping through the night till 7-8. Then something happened, what we do not know and he has been getting up around 430/5 for a snack and then goes back to sleep. So we are working on getting him back to being his good sleeper self that wakes up when Kalen does.

His first Football game (Jags vs Titans 9/11)

Getting sorted (He got Raven Claw)

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  1. Wow, I can't believe how big he's gotten!! Why is time going by so fast?! He is so adorable Jess! And I'm super excited your Baby Food Chef'ing it up! :)