Saturday, July 21, 2012

Picture Coasters

I made two sets of picture coasters as Christmas gifts last year. I never posted pictures of them when I made them since they were gifts. But, since people say its "Christmas in July" I felt it would be appropriate to post them now.
They are pretty easy to make and my mom and dad loved them!

White tissue paper
Mod Podge
Paint brush- I used the foam brushes
Blank tile coasters- I bought two packages of the travertine tiles from Home Depot, I believe there were 6 in each although there could have been more. They only cost a few dollars for a package
Clear acrylic sealer- comes in a spray paint can
Felt feet- I bought the sticker kind, easy to put on. So they don't scratch whatever surface you place them on

You also need a printer and tape.

Start out by picking out a picture per coaster. I picked two of each boy, since I was making a set of four.
Once you have your pictures picked out you need to print them on the tissue paper.
To do this tape a piece of your tissue paper to a piece of printer paper. Then print the picture as usual. I printed mine in black and white and loved how they turned out.
Once you have your pictures, lay out the tissue paper over the tile (I trimmed the excess picture off to make it fit over the tile.) Some tiles are really porous and the tissue paper will rip so I would choose a less porous tile out of the bunch.
Using the foam brush Mod Podge the the tissue to the tile. Use two/three coats letting each coat dry before applying the next.
Once you have applied the ModPodge spray the acrylic sealer on top to protect the coaster. I used three coats to be on the safe side. Let dry. I let them dry on our porch over night.
I added four felt feet to the bottom of each coaster (one in each corner).

They should now be ready to use or gift! Enjoy
Kalen's 1st Bday Picture
Lucas at Christmas
Lucas about 2 weeks old
Kalen at the Fall Festival


  1. Aww I love them! Those are cute gift ideas.

  2. These came out SO cute!